360Works SafetyNet User Guide

360Works SafetyNet copies your FileMaker backup files and transmits them using SSL to a storage service hosted by Amazon, where they are stored in an encrypted state.



FileMaker Server version 7 or higher.

Install steps for FileMaker Server

  1. If you are upgrading from a version of SafetyNet older than 1.5, stop FileMaker Server before installing. This is necessary for the installer to remove the old plugin version. SafetyNet 1.5 and later no longer require a FileMaker Server plug-in.
  2. Run the 'Mac Installer' or 'Windows Installer.exe' as appropriate for your server.
  3. If you stopped FileMaker Server in step 1, start it back up.

Using and configuring SafetyNet

After running the installer, go to http://localhost/SafetyNet in your browser. You can remotely administer SafetyNet by substituting your server's name instead of 'localhost'. Use the same username and password that you use to administer FileMaker Server.


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