360Works SafetyNet User Guide

360Works SafetyNet copies your FileMaker backup files and transmits them using SSL to a storage service hosted by Amazon.



FileMaker Server version 7 or higher.

Install steps for FileMaker Server

  1. Drag the plugin from the MAC or WIN folder into the FileMaker Server extensions folder. On Mac OS X, this is located at /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/Extensions folder. On Windows, this is at C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\Extensions. (Server 8 and older versions of server use the Plugins folder inside Extensions).
  2. In the Server Admin application, restart FileMaker Server by stopping and starting it.
  3. In Server Admin, go to Configuration -> Database Server->Server Plug-ins and check the box that says 'Enable FileMaker Server to use plug-ins', and then check the 'enabled' box for this plugin. Click the 'save' button and wait a few seconds to make sure that the 'enabled' check box stays checked. If it does not, then there was an error loading the plugin and you should contact us for help troubleshooting. If it does stay checked, then the plugin is installed and ready to use.
*For PC: Windows authentication needs to be disabled on IIS Manager. Learn more.

Using and configuring SafetyNet

After enabling the plugin in FileMaker Server Admin, go to http://localhost:8030/ in your browser. You can remotely administer SafetyNet by substituting your server's name instead of 'localhost'. Use the same username and password that you use to administer FileMaker Server.


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